Welcome to Smartcloud!

Cloud services from SmartCloud are convenient tools for easy and fast creation of a software product. The trial period will allow you to evaluate their capabilities.


Highest performance and maximum speed

starting from 8 914 KZT per month


A huge range of possibilities at a minimum cost

starting from 7 024 KZT per month

Dedicated engineer service

Профессиональный подход к решению Ваших задач

Virtual data center IaaS on SSD

Rental of computing power in the cloud with the ability to independently deploy virtual servers, distribute resources between them and manage settings.

starting from 16 592 tenge per month

Virtual data center IaaS on HDD

A flexible cloud solution that allows you to create an arbitrary number of virtual servers with the ability to instantly scale and manage settings remotely.

starting from 12 812 tenge per month

Cloud 1C

Switch to the most modern way of bookkeeping

starting from 9 500 tenge per month

Platform as a service


Get resources to build your tools and applications in the form of ready-made databases, queue servers and other software